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3GA Marine Ltd. provides services to owners and operators of conventional ferries, cable ferries and hybrid propulsion ferries.

Conventional Ferries

Being based in British Columbia Canada, home to the worlds largest commercial ferry fleet operator, 3GA are proud to call the coastal and inland service providers valued clients.

Work on ferry vessels cover the full gamut of design engineering and set to work tasks on small passenger only ferries to large multi deck car | truck ferries conventional drive, diesel electric drive and LNG including major overhaul, repowering and equipment upgrade.

Our client list also includes the inland ferry fleets owned by the Canadian Provinces and the North West Territories.

Cable Ferries

3GA has experience with cable ferries across Canada of all sizes including reaction ferries.

Our work has included regulatory compliance work on river and lakes ferry vessels including reaction ferries and hybrid power systems.

We have developed engineering solutions for the worlds 2 longest cable ferries (Saskatchewan Riverhurst and British Columbia Baynes Sound Connector).

Hybrid Propulsion Ferries

As battery and charging technology improves, hybrid power systems are entering into commercial viability.

3GA has design, implementation engineering and set to work experience with hybrid diesel, hydraulic and electric battery systems on ferries both new build and retrofit.

We have developed concept designs for LNG power applications and prepared safety case solutions for the operations of new build LNG powered passenger vehicle ferries.

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