3GA has established strategic alliances with other companies to partner in projects, bring in specific expertise in subject areas and support projects in other locations around the globe. That’s how we can deliver globally when we hit send.

We are pleased to acknowledge the following Allies:

Our Allies in Naval Architecture Marine Engineering Canada
David Wignall | President

David Wignall and Associates |DWA | Singapore | RS

David Wignall Associates (DWA) is a specialist consultancy that serves the maritime industry by advising owners, operators and investors of shipyards, ports and terminals worldwide.
We are committed to improving the quality and capability of marine infrastructure to ensure that they provide the greatest economic benefit to the community it serves, whilst optimizing its environmental and social impact.
David Wignall is a senior port professional. His experience as a senior port manager responsible for operations and development combined with fifteen years of providing consulting support within the industry, has allowed him to develop a well rounded understanding of the port and marine industry. His expertise stretches from economics and feasibility through to day to day operations. David has been responsible for directing research and consulting studies and providing management support for marine assets throughout the world. He has work in many countries in the world including: China, USA, United Kingdom, India, Russia, Germany, Spain, Thailand, UAE, Yemen, Brazil, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Kenya and Nigeria.

The International Tribunal of the Law of the Sea, The World Bank and the Asian Development Bank have recognised David's expertise by appointing him to undertake independent studies. He has acted as an expert witness for courts in many jurisdictions. Of particular note was evidence for a court in New York on anti-trust claims related to price fixing in ports and shipping.

David has presented more than thirty conference papers detailing projects and management research in the ports and shipping sector.

Before founding DWA, David was responsible for the Ports and Logistic Division of one of the world’s leading maritime research and consulting groups. In this role he was instrumental in growing their Asian operations from start-up to well over one hundred professionals spread throughout Asia Pacific.

Prior to that, David was a member of the senior management team for a major shipping company. His area of responsibility was the development and operation of port and terminal facilities. Early in his career David worked with one of Europe's leading maritime engineering consultancies.

System Analysis

Dynamic Systems Analysis Ltd | DSA | Victoria | CDN

Dynamic Systems Analysis Ltd (DSA) is an advance analytic engineering company with specific expertise in developing time domain simulation software. We provide consulting services to the marine and ocean sectors including aquaculture, marine renewable energy, ocean robotics systems, and oil and gas facilities regarding flexible mooring systems and risers using our proprietary software ProteusDS®.
The ocean is a harsh environment. DSA provides numerical modelling services and software to reduce the risk of its clients in the defence, marine, offshore, and subsea industries. DSA uses its expertise to create engineering analysis software that tackles tough ocean engineering problems. DSA has offices in Victoria, BC and Halifax, NS, Canada. DSA’s team of six engineers and software experts work with partners around the globe.

DSA’s core expertise is the ability to assess the dynamics of mechanical and structural systems that contain flexible or articulated components such as moorings, risers, nets, cables, or cranes. Applications might include an offshore mooring system, an ROV with umbilical, a fish farm, or a launch and recovery system. DSA has worked in industries including marine renewable energy, aquaculture, offshore oil and gas, defence, and subsea industries to improve designs through comprehensive analysis and simulation.

Patrick N. Marshall Business and Economic Developer

Capital EDC Economic Development Company | Victoria | BC

Patrick Nelson Marshall is the Founder of the Capital EDC Economic Development Company established to work on behalf of taxpayers and shareholders interested in moving their community and business through the gauntlet of economic development processes. In addition to his general consultancy, He has developed a new tool called Blueplanet Value Metrics which is designed illustrate how communities and businesses are progressing on their own GPS – Growth, Planning and Sustainability.
Mr. Marshall is also the Consulting Economic Developer to Ocean Initiatives British Columbia, an industry association bringing the diverse economic segments of British Columbia’s Ocean and Marinespace economy together to focus on trade, workforce and collaborative sales solutions.
He is a trained Urban and Regional Planner with a Honours Degree in Environmental Studies from the School of Urban and Regional Planning at Waterloo University, with more than 30 year’s experience in both the public and private sector as an analyst, strategist and Economic Developer, having served in North York, Metro Toronto, Campbell River, and is now located in British Columbia’s Capital City Victoria.
He was recognized by his Peers at the Economic Development Association of British Columbia as “Economic Developer of the Year” in 2007 and holds more than 23 Marketing Canada Awards from the Economic Developers Association of Canada. He was elected to the Board of Directors for the CANADA BC Business Services Centre Society in 2005 as a regional representative and has served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for Small Business BC since 2007 and in the voluntary role of Chief Governance Officer to the Chief Executive Officer of Small Business BC since 2008.