CN Railway

Naval Architecture Marine Engineering Conventional Ferry

CN Railway

3GA Marine Ltd. provided Naval Architecture Marine Engineering Design Concepts for CN Railway concepts for conventional ferry.


What Does CN Stand For?

Spanning three coasts, CN is the only transcontinental railroad in North America offering a unique network reach. We are North America’s true supply chain enabler and take pride in building for the future of our customers, employees, partners, community and shareholders.


Building for the Future: CN’s Priorities

Discover the five priorities that drive how we conduct our business every day and support our commitment to be the best railroad in North America.


Company Name:
CN Railway

Project Name:
Rail Car Ferry Concept

Start Date:
Q2 2012

Completion Date:
Q1 2013

Gulf of St. Lawrence

3GA Contact:
David Stocks PEng.

Design and Acquisition

Application Sector:
Transportation – Rail – Shipping

Customer Industry:
Rail Transportation

Developed a concept design for a new Rail Car Ferry to supply cross gulf service for rail cars carrying dangerous good into new mining developments in the north shore / Labrador. Vessel was 130 length and LNG powered and ice strengthened.
Developed inquiry spec and sought initial build bids from global shipyards. 

New technology on a dangerous goods platform

Final Outcome:
Build inquiries made then project shelved  after mine developments delayed based on world iron ore price fall.


January 1, 2013