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Our specialists provide engineering services for projects involving all manner of vessels including research vessels, ferries, tugs, barges, general work vessels and floating structures. We offer simple, innovative solutions to complex problems in the marine industry.

3GA  is committed to a safe, clean and secure marine environment though responsible and sustainable global development.

Our human resources include:

Executive Officers: Partners

Crew: Engineers and support staff

Mates: Our Associates across the globe

Allies: Companies forming alliances with 3GA Marine Ltd.

Our Executive Officers
Naval Architect Marine Engineer | President

David Stocks

David is an experienced Naval Architect with over 40 years in the marine sector. He immigrated to Canada in 1982 after training in a UK Shipyard and graduating from Newcastle University. His background in the Canadian marine sector started with the Beaufort oil and gas development projects of the early 80’s and has since included various positions of responsibility in both the public and private sectors on all three of Canada’s coasts and also in the Great Lakes. He founded 3GA Marine Ltd in 2011 to fill a niche for high quality responsive consulting services to the marine sector across the Pacific Rim.
Throughout his career David has led engineers and researchers in developing solutions to complex issues by assembling teams of varied disciplines in areas of the marine sector as diverse as ice breaker design in the arctic, squat measurement in Great lakes, corrosion control in ship structures, bespoke ferry design for harsh applications and search and rescue radar systems. He has been particularly interested in the issue of Ballast Water Treatment and has published at various forum on the topic. Work is also on going on emissions from vessels and the understanding of hazardous materials on board ships; at 3GA we are committed to marine environmental stewardship.
Subject matter Expertise;
• Strategic Planning – Company management
• Naval Architecture – Ship Design, structural, systems.
• Shipbuilding – planning, project support
• Environmental stewardship – Ballast water treatment, energy management, hazardous materials

Marine Engineer | Vice President

David Mietla, P. Eng.

David has 20 years of experience in ship design, construction supervision, vessel surveys, inspections and project management. He joined 3GA Marine Limited as a Vice-President and senior partner in May 2013. David has a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.

David has vast experience and knowledge of Transport Canada regulations and the Canada Shipping Act as well as class (ABS, DNV, Lloyd’s) regulations. David has many years of experience with ship structural design, design of ship systems, vessel surveys, vessel stability and project management and construction supervision. On numerous occasions David acted as an owner’s representative during construction or vessel refit overseeing the construction and ensuring the compliance with the design as well as regulatory compliance. Acting as an owner’s representative David would resolve any arising issues on site, keeping project on time and within the budget. During his career David carried out numerous condition and valuation surveys of vessels ranging in size from small barges up to large cruise ships. David is a certified tonnage measurer (Transport Canada).

Mechanical Engineer | Vice President

Daniel McIntyre, P. Eng.

Daniel is a Marine Mechanical Engineer and has been working in the Marine Industry since 2004. He started his career working onboard large cruise ships as an acting 3rd Marine Engineer for Princess Cruise Lines. Sailing across the world, Daniel gained valuable experience in the operation and maintenance of shipboard systems. Daniel later returned to post-secondary education where he earned an advanced diploma in Mechanical Technology at Camosun College and a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Victoria.
Daniel first applied his education at E-Factor Engineering where he was responsible for the design, implementation and management of HVAC and building control system refit projects with the primary focus of optimizing system design to reduce energy costs. These projects mainly consisted of boiler retrofits, heat recovery system projects, VFD upgrades and chilled water system upgrades.
Daniel later joined BMT Fleet Technology, in the position of Project Engineer at the Vancouver office. In this position, Daniel carried out ship structural design, vessel surveys, design and implementation of ship systems and project management of small vessel refits. In addition, Daniel had also performed finite element analysis on a number of vessels, including assessing the safety of the Arctic Tuk heavy lift barge (600 Ton lifting capacity) using SolidWork simulation and Ansys.
Daniel has a strong background in analysis, structural and system design. Coupled with his practical Marine Engineering experience, familiarity with class societies and Transport Canada regulations, Daniel’s work meets or exceeds all requirements while ensuring timelines and budgets are met.