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TEMEC Group – Oil sands

Oil sands Tailing Pond Platforms – Project Support Design Production was facilitated by 3GA Marine Ltd. for TEMEC Engineering Group.


Tailings Management


“Finding ways to get fluid tailings to dewater more quickly and become suitable for reclaiming is critical to improving tailing overall reclamation performance. Left unmanaged, these fluid tailings could take centuries to naturally dewater enough to be reclaimed.”


“All forms of mining – whether coal, gold, uranium or potash – produce tailings. Oil sands tailings are the remaining sand, water, clay, silt and residual hydrocarbons left after the majority of hydrocarbons are extracted from the ore during our water-based bitumen extraction process. Fluid tailings are formed from the portion of clay that does not become trapped in the trafficable tailings sand. (In situ drilling oil sands bitumen does not produce tailings.)”


“Oil Sands producers are all working  to accelerate tailings management improvements.”


Company Name:
TEMEC Engineering Group

Project Name:
Temporary Platform for Dredge System OEM

Start Date:
Q3 2013

Completion Date:
Q2 2014

To Alberta Oil Sands from Rotterdam The Netherlands

3GA Contact:
David Stocks PEng

Design and Production

Oil Extraction and Environmental Management

Resource Extraction

Design and onsite oversight construction support for Temporary platform to connect walkways to  pump barges. Platform rejigged temporarily. Floating equipment. Put in existing installation to allow a temporary pier.

Quick turnaround and equipment built in Netherlands.

Final Outcome:
OEM in use at a variety of locations


October 7, 2013