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3GA Marine Ltd. provides consulting services for regulatory compliance, environmental stewardship, and risk and safety for ferries, shipyards, and vessel owners and operators.

Regulatory Compliance
3GA can assist in interpreting and implementing regulatory requirements from Convention through Class to Flag state. We have experience with IMO requirements, classification society rules (LR, DnV, ABS), and national regulations (Transport Canada, USCG), including various Asian country requirements. Our work includes:

  • Vessel importation to Canadian flag
  • Regulatory gap analysis
  • Regulatory documentation submission (stability booklets and tonnage measurement)

Environmental Stewardship
3GA provides environmental consulting services through an understanding of environmental legislation and is able to engineer systems for ships to run more efficiently, cleaner, and with smaller footprints on the environment. We have conducted a number of projects that:

  • Develop hazardous material inventory and ship disposal requirement (Hong Kong convention)
  • Assess alternative fuel (LNG) and energy (hybrid electric) projects including Transport Canada sponsored R&D efforts
  • Engineered ship refits for fitment of systems to meet environmental requirements for Ballast water treatment, wastewater (sewage) discharge, and exhaust gas emissions

Risk and Safety
3GA provides risk and safety assessment and solution development for ships, systems, and operations. Our engineers and associates are experienced in ship design and operations and bring product knowledge to tasks for:

  • Risk identification and assessment
  • Safety case development
  • Operational review
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