These are completed projects featuring Engineering Services delivered by 3GA Marine Ltd. that include Naval Architecture, Marine Engineering, Inspection and Survey

Naval Architecture

3GA provides a full range of Naval Architectural services including;

  • Hull Form development and analysis
  • Structural design and integration
  • Resistance and Propulsion
  • Stability and Motions

Marine Engineering

3GA Marine Engineers are experienced in the design and set to work of ship systems across the range of on-board systems;

  • Mechanical system design
  • Electrical design and analysis
  • Hydraulic and fluids materials and flow
  • HVAC design and arrangement

Inspection and Survey

3GA provides inspection and survey services for Condition assessment, Damage Inspection and asset valuation. These services are augmented by in-house capabilities in;

  • Ultrasonic Thickness measurement
  • Noise survey
  • Tonnage Measurement (Transport Canada Appointed)
  • 3D Laser Scanning
Canadian Princess

Oak Bay Marine Group

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Parks Canada Agency

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